Top Mid-century Furniture Pieces you Can buy

A home should always look beautiful, classy and hospitable. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, make sure you buy valuable pieces of furniture once in a while. To be precise, you can purchase mid century furniture pieces and beautify your entire house with them. There are several options for you on Rove Concepts website and you can purchase one piece at a time. The shop provides enough pieces for your living room, bedroom, home office, dining room, lounge area and other living spaces. Their prices are fair and payment processing and product shipping are streamlined. If you want to try their products, here are things you can buy.

Lounge and arm chairs

These are known as the icons of the mid-century furniture design. They were a common sight in that era and now they have been revived. The collection you find on consists of some of the most classic lounge and arm chair designs. These products offer functionality, comfort, beauty and class all at once. The store’s items have been put through rigorous testing over the decades. Hence, it sells the most admirable and durable lounge and arm chairs.


The mid-century era sofas were mostly the sectional ones. The ones sold in RC store have traces of modern design. They are so elegant and pretty sofas. The Sophia classic sofas are some of those sold on the above-mentioned online store. They have sophisticated form of soft lines and maintain a low profile. The sofas look compact and so they are ideal for anybody with a small sitting room. These sofas offer custom configurations of the sectional plan and so they can be made to fit rooms of different sizes. They offer a low backrest that is well matched with high down-filled detachable cushions. Hence, these sofas have aesthetics and unending class. The store gives you a chance to select your own upholstery material and to pick the color of the base.

Bedroom furniture

A classy bedroom has more than just a bed. It has nightstands, bedside tables, dressers, and other statement products. Once filled with just the right pieces, a bedroom can be a place you seriously yearn for. Rove Concepts have wonderful bedroom furniture that depicts the mid-century design techniques. Hence, you can be able to mix and match different pieces of furniture and make your bedroom unique and beautiful. When it comes to dressers, we would suggest our high quality Joren Dresser collection. You will get unpretentious additions that will suit your bedroom or guest room. Items here are constructed with solid ash wood and it offers enough storage drawers. As a result, every dresser or another piece of furniture meant for bedroom looks gorgeous and well-designed. You can pick your drawers, dressers, bedside benches and beds in any color you want. There is a Fredrick Night Stand that is designed to extend a stylish Fredrick queen or king sized bed. It is designed with natural cuts of wood and has a lovely finish.

Storage units and dining and coffee table products

Some mid-century pieces sold on RC website are designed for storage purposes. They are artistic and practical and can suit an office environment as well. Constructed with a blend of solid ash wood and German MDF frame, Rove Concept’s Oliver Side storage is super versatile and ideal for storage. You can buy chest of drawers, bookshelves, display units and more. As for coffee and dining tables, you will love the shop’s Nordic collection. It consists of genuine marble, solid wood and tempered glass items. These tables offer practicality and aesthetics and they all have modern and classic design concepts.

Note that Rove Concept uses powder coating technology to clean and finish its products. It provides eco-friendly mid-century furniture pieces that all people appreciate.