Instagram Panels

In the present scenario there are many social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Instagram which are available online. Each of these platforms offers innovative ways to reach out and increase your social network with includes your friends, family, business associates, customers and well-wishers. Protocols must be followed while working on these platforms and there exist many a clever tricks and techniques which will help maximise your use of these platforms. We should be responsible while using these platforms because misusing the freedom offered on the social networking sites can get you barred.

Instagram is a mobile based platform and social networking service that allows its users to share photos and videos instantly. The editing features make Instagram a fun, easy and fast way to connect with the world. You can control your profile and the pictures that you share by specifying the privacy to be public or private.

Instagram circle of users is growing daily by leaps and bounds. If you are not part of this revolution then you are missing a golden opportunity to promote your brand and business. Instagram accounts can be utilized to endorse your personal brand and you can also use it to enhance your business. If used properly, Instagram can be used to target the right clients for your business. It is a very powerful visual promotional tool for brand building and today it is a leading instrument for showcasing your brand in the e-commerce business

Like any other social networking platform, Instagram also works on the concept of friends and followers. You either follow someone or there are others following your action. This results in an increased sphere of influence.

In order to further increase this area of influence and to give leverage to your brand, you need to be visible. To be visible, you need to upload photos and videos daily at a regular frequency. This takes time and patience and can get complex and cumbersome over a period of time. To deal with this challenge, professional platforms are available in the markets which offer many convenient and cheap options to help you increase your area of influence by increasing likes and followers at regular pace.

One such site is autolikesig. The url of site is “”.

Autolikesig is a platform which provides subscription based services. You have different packages being offered and you can opt for subscription as per your requirement. You can select subscriptions for 1 day, 1 week, 15 days, or 1 month. Once you have decided on the period, you are need to fill-in details about your requirements and do the payment for the services selected.

Once the payment is done, the servers at autolikesig get the details of your profile. The programme at this server checks for any update on your profile done by you at frequency of 10 to 15 minutes. If there is a new post the details are added to another server from where the likes will be posted at regular frequency to your new post.

Autolikesig realises the complexities involved in using Instagram. It has therefore developed many tools and options for users to increase the like and following for the photos posted by them in their profile. The aim is to increase your following and likes which will help provide you leverage to your profile, brand  and business within this community.

Autolikesig has an option for both automatic and manual likes. In former the likes are posted automatically at predetermined frequency using safe techniques whereas in the later option there are followers who will like your posts by clicking the given options. In both the options users have the choice to select the number of likes from 50 to 50,000. Same choice of numbers is available for selection of followers.