Using Australian Flag Makers for Your Flag Requirements

If you are patriotic enough to want to fly the flag, then you will want to be patriotic to the extent that you purchase it from Australian Flag Makers.  To be sure that you are using a good company, it is worth checking out how long they have been in business. If it is 10 years or more, they must be doing something right, so if you also read their testimonials, you should be confident that they are not going to let you down. Although you may not need it right away, knowing that you can have it in a couple of days will put your mind at ease. If offices are local, so much the better and the ability to print and deliver a large number at once will be a welcome piece of information.

Types of Flags

As well as the Australian national flag, many orders are placed for:

  • Sport club flags – This can be for a professional team or your local town or village club.
  • National flags from all countries – We will want to know about size mainly
  • Business branded flags – If you are including a logo, make sure that it is clear and written out exactly how you want it to appear on the flag.
  • Organisational flags – Again we need as much detail as possible and clear spellings of names and brands.
  • Personal view flags – This can be showing support or opposition to a specific event or issue. Although we have a good reputation when it comes to fast delivery, please be realistic with ordering times if this is wanted for a specific event.
  • Self-designed flags – Here there needs to be exact colours and dimensions stated. Just because you cannot find something similar to what you want on the website, it does not mean that we cannot provide that product.

Ordering Flags

The idea that there is not an order to big or too small applies to Australian flag makers and there is no need to worry that a very large order may take a long time to fulfill. With factories working around the clock, favourable delivery dates will be quoted and adhered to. As production is carried out over three continents, delivery dates will be reasonable and costs kept as low as possible. Based in Australia, Asia and the USA, you can deal with people in your own area and be sure that the service received will be as good as the price quoted.

What to Remember When Ordering

If it is a regular Australian flag being ordered, there will not be too much to worry about – we know everything there is to know about manufacturing this one. It is when it is a flag we have not seen before that we ask you to take great care.

What We Will Do to Help

We understand that this may be a first for you so will help as much as we can. We will be open and transparent with our quotes, so you will pay the price quoted. If you do need something to be altered once the flag has been started, we will limit additional costs as much as possible.

We will normally quote 7 days for delivery, but there could be times when this may not be possible – specific events could lead to an excessive amount of work coming in at the same time.

Artwork is going to be one of the most complex aspects of the order and it is accepted that many people will not be able to provide this. Thus, Australian flag makers do not charge for carrying out this aspect of the job – file conversions are something else done free of charge.