Holistic Nerve Pain Cure – Herbs you can Use

Are you aware of your neuropathy condition? If so, what treatment methods are you using? Most people begin with the conventional cures. However, they swap them for the less toxic and harmless herbal cures. You might as well be looking to use holistic nerve pain methods. These have fewer side effects. So you could try these herbs and vitamins today. They will eliminate your numbness, tingling and pain in a natural and harmless way.

They might take longer to heal you completely; but, they have no serious side effects. It does not matter whether you have mild to severe neuropathy. Herbs are safe. As you use herbal extracts and vitamins, reduce your exposure to toxins. Try to understand the root cause of neuropathy and learn to cope.  The following are good herbs for neuropathy:

Cayenne pepper – This is a natural herb containing a substance called capsaicin. This substance is a topical pain killer. Capsaicin removes a pain-triggering chemical (substance P) from your nerve receptors. This decreases pain. If you want to use it as topical product, you could buy an OTC topical pain killer from your favorite pharmacist. People who live with a disease like shingles that triggers nerve damage find capsaicin topical products useful.  Even if cayenne pepper has the ability to end your pain, do not apply it in big amounts first. It could increase or worsen your pain. Small increments are better than a big quantity at once. After using it for a while, you will notice changes and decide if you want to discontinue use.

St. John’s Wort – It is a great herb that boasts antidepressant qualities. A few neuropathy victims who choose the conventional medical path are given antidepressants. They tend to manage the pain and discomfort caused by neuropathy better than other drug options. If you want a holistic method, then you could use St. John’s Wort.

Wood betony – This herb is mainly used to calm down the painful nerves. Once there is calmness, the inflamed nerve could heal peacefully. Then it will stop creating tension in the nearby muscles.

Lobelia Inflata – This herb is great if you want to achieve muscle relaxation. If you suffer from muscle tension and convulsions, Lobelia is a nice pick. Inflamed and irritated nerves that have been severely injured could heal better when Lobelia is used.

Valerian root, black cohosh – As you look to try these herbs and vitamins, ensure that valerian root is present. It is ideal for irritated nerves. It is designed to sooth pain in nerves that have been through serious trauma. Black cohosh is used together with the valerian root. It boosts the breakdown of valerian’s stimulative and sedative qualities. When used together, they are more effective in the removal of nerve pain.

Nervine herbs, Blue vervain and Gotu Kola – They cause the same soothing and calming effect as valerian. They even sooth your nervous system, ensuring that it heals and regenerates easily. The blue vervain or Verbena Hastata strengthens and revitalizes the nervous system too. At the same time, it gets rid of tension and stress. Gotu Kola is a sedative that benefits the central nervous system.

Scutellaria Lateriflora and damiana – Also called scullcap, this herb is effective in treating diseases that cause damage to nerves. It gives you strength and quick relief.  Damiana is closely related, as it cures nervous and muscular weakness triggered by trauma or injury.

Other herbs that may have some good effects on neuropathy include the evening primrose oil and Ginkgo Biloba. It is wise to only take herbal cures after talking to a physician. They are more aware of the extent of your neuropathy and what kind it is. As a result, your healthcare professional could assist you understand herbs better.