Artificial Intelligence Definition and Benefits

Have you ever heard of AI (Artificial Intelligence)? It is use of computers to solve issues that typically require human intelligence and understanding to work out. AI can be thought of as applying human tendencies and knowledge to static things or opinions. This concept began as early as 1950 when a mathematician (Alan Turing) created the Turing Test. It was a special test based on the idea that a computer could be created that could persuade humans that they were talking to another person across a screen. Over sixty years later, computer experts have strived so hard to accomplish this mission.

Luckily, it was attained in Russia in 2014 when a program that managed to imitate a conversational behavior was made. It convinced up to thirty-three percent of a judging panel that it was a human after all. As automation applications, artificial intelligence software allows computers to finish real tasks done by humans. These include speech recognition, adaptability, visual perception and speech recognition. Most industries today rely on Artificial Intelligence and you can as well get it via 360ai. It has many benefits that attract many business sectors, leading to increased productivity and potential. If you are in the following industries, make haste and have AI applications installed at your workplace.

  • Education field – AI is applied in the education sector through the development of personalized tutoring programs that assist students in learning. Other software programs are designed to analyze the way students process and absorb information shared by the tutor. In the case of students with learning difficulties, special AI software ensures that each student receives information based on his or her learning needs and abilities. There are other AI applications can automate typical classroom tasks like marking exams and tracking grades.
  • Mobile technology – This is one of the fastest business fields and AI is one of the reasons why. It is a technology that focuses on human hints like voice analysis and heart rate to produce intelligence-based results. In the near future, the mobile industry is likely to embrace Artificial Intelligence to produce better mobile device features.
  • Corporations – Modern companies deal with big data and are now using AI applications to sort through huge amounts of data to gather insights. These applications perform separate tasks. While one application searches through the collected data, another one takes this raw data and interprets it into practical findings. Artificial Intelligence applications include sales representatives, virtual assistants; robotic journalists that can make stories and reports that imitate human writing.
  • Transportation sector – Did you know that trains and metro subway systems are being run without drivers? Big and renowned companies that manufacture vehicles are spending millions of dollars in robotics research and development to solve serious technical problems affecting independent driving technologies.
  • Gaming and robotics – Video gaming and robotics use AI technology to copy human behaviors and exhibit intelligence behaviors. In future, we expect expansion of robotic science to shift into home automation, labs, energy sector and grow broadly in current sectors: military, aerospace and manufacturing.
  • Security – Personal home alarms, international surveillance gadgets and related things use AI to keep users safe and peaceful. That’s why they are able to interpret footage immediately and report odd behaviors. Cyber security depends on AI, too, when identifying unusual internet patterns

Although Google, IBM, Microsoft and Facebook are huge companies with a lot of recognition and fame, you can follow their suit. They have already implemented AI in their businesses and as you can notice, they are all technological companies. If you approach 360ai, you will be able to implement AI without spending a lot of money and wasting time unnecessarily. It is a small service provider with manageable rates and excellent approaches and results.

What to Look For In a Business Planning Software

When you go on to make a business plan, search engine results will present a wide range of applications and software, which can either be installed or used over the website, which can be helpful in developing the plan. Through a business planning software, all components will be assembled in one place and forms into a ready-to-print document. Good software also helps in preparing some financial sections of business planning like preparing income statements or cash flow statements that are useful for making financial projections. This will also save a good amount of time that is required for making financial statements. Though, knowledge of managers related to accounting can go short or limited when using the software as it will ask questions that require good suggestions so that statements can be generated automatically.

Also, a good business planning software is able to offer customization of information or the look of the plan and is able to use terms that are specific to a company. Moreover, many plans have the feature to edit narrative information through which wording is improved which can be mistaken when generated automatically.

Many software plans also allow inserting charts, graphs and tables within the plan which is a very easy and effective way for the audience of your business plan to understand at a glance what you are explaining in the written document.

A good business planning software has the toll that will guide throughout all important aspects of business planning along with keeping track of the words, paragraphs and sentences. However, one fact that should be noted here that mental works that requires serious concentration should be done by yourself.

Advantages of an Integrated Software Program
In order to keep your business running on the platform you intend it to, it is very important that you have an integrated business planning software. There are several advantages associated with the implementation of such applications like saving in costs and improved business productivity along with:

Efficiency of Process within the Organization
There are many processes within a business that needs to be handled on a daily basis like order management, invoicing, fulfillment, expense approvals, cash collection and financial consolidation are a few to mention. Getting all or some of these processes automated will not only save a business to make new hires but, will also deploy staff to higher value activities which will help businesses to innovate and grow.

Improved Visibility
Real-time visibility is very crucial for making decisions on time. Having an integrated business planning software allows accessing data from anywhere which reduces time and resources wasted on data extraction from different sources. In addition to this, employees will be more informed and will make faster and accurate decisions.

Accelerated Growth
Having a planning software that allows expanding to multiple locations which bring in the additional sales channel. Moreover, businesses will also be able to up sell or cross sell in a more efficient manner to their customer base as they have gained improvement in visibility.

Significant Time and Cost Savings
Now IT tools and techniques no longer require to be procured, installed and maintaining of multiple systems and developing integration between them, having a planning application can bring in a significant amount of savings in operational costs and more IT time can be spent on improving business operations.

Nowadays, virtually every business is using sophisticated business planning software so as to accelerate growth. It has become an essential need of businesses to automate their business processes so as to make operations effective and efficient as well as to save both time and money that may occur otherwise. These applications are a path towards success where not only much of the business operations are simplified but, the results derived are effective for determining the future path of the company. Business will also experience increased employee productivity which will work for the betterment of the organization and its operations.

Annual Pest Control Service

In addition, to annoy you every time, pests also pose a serious threat to the property and health of your family and pets. Mosquitos, rodents, insects and cockroaches do carry several types of diseases and for this reason, it is very important that you should take immediate action to rectify the problem. No matter what time of year it is, there are service providers who will work for you to handle the issue in hand.

You can hire an annual pest control service which will ensure that your home or workplace is safe from all types of pests all year round. Keeping the creepy crawlies away from your home is not a one-time procedure. It requires working all year around so that the problem does not come back. There are expert technicians who provide solutions to get rid of the problem and your home will be protected from all types of pests.

The service providers use an Integrated Pest Management method when applying the treatment and preventing them in future. This method is the most holistic and imposes a very low-impact for controlling pests. All the products used are carefully selected and are environmental-friendly which is fit for the health of your family.

How often should a house be inspected?

The expert professionals also offer annual pest control service which means that the problem will not come back in future. A plan is determined as to how often a place should be treated. A schedule is prepared based upon the types of the pests in your home, all environmental and structural factors along with the time of inspection every year. The best feature of these service providers is that they provide guaranteed results. In case, pests return before the time and date scheduled for the next visit, they will treat the issue without any additional cost.

What to expect from your service provider?

These service providers are experts in their field and they are licensed with their community affiliation which assures that their services are reliable as well. Moreover, the success rate of their services provided can also be determined by satisfied customers as customer satisfaction is their utmost priority. Latest science and technology procedures are used to test new and innovative products and materials so that your home can be offered protection effectively and according to the requirements of your home.

They consider every home to be unique

When your home is diagnosed with a pest problem and you want to get rid of them, annual pest control service will not only implement treatment plans at that time but, will also ensure that pests do not invade your place in future. These professionals make efforts to understand the requirements of different houses after which the root problem is determined. A possible list of solutions is then drafted and discussed with the customers from which the most suitable and appropriate option will be implemented.

What services are offered?

  • Inspection: The first step is to investigate the root cause of the problem and a proper investigation will take place covering all areas from inside to outside of the home for both current as well as a potential pest problem.
  • Protection: Appropriate products and materials are applied within the perimeter of your home and all targeted areas will be covered in the treatment plan. The methods are safe and fit for your family and pets.
  • Fortifying: These experts are trained and professional and will make every effort to keep pests, rodents, insects and other rare species away from your home.
  • Keep a watch: The best thing about annual pest control service is that all areas of your home will be treated. This process will take place by installing pest monitors in kitchens, bathrooms, garages and utility rooms.
  • Provision of reports: Regular reports of the services provided are maintained along with the recommended services that will help keep your home free from pests.
  • Follow up: The best thing about annual pest control service is that they keep in touch with their customers’ regularly and within schedules so as to respond to immediate requirements.

Tips for Those Who Want to Start using Workout Music

Exercising with your favorite songs is a nice way to enjoy the moment. Besides entertaining you and boosting your motivation, exercise music is capable of enhancing your mental sharpness. Additionally, music can assist you train longer and harder than normal, allowing you to attain your weight loss goals. As good tunes can calm down your mind and allow it to stay focused, you can push yourself harder while thinking less about fatigue and pain.

Music can be the change you deeply desire : – Change is necessary in whatever activity you love doing. This includes any kind of exercise you like participating in. Once you include new songs in your exercise sessions, you will stop losing interest and feeling bored. The songs will increase your level of motivation so that you can long for the next round. As it is completely easy to listen to a whole record of music from your best singer or band, learning every word, beat and rhythm you listen to during exercise can minimize your morale to work harder next time. To combat this problem, you can gather new songs every other day or play your exercise music at random. This will keep your mind from guessing the song you would play next. You should check if your musical gadget has the random function.

There are a few options when it comes to playing music during exercise. You can attach your musical device to your arm as you run or place it in your pocket. Whichever method you decide to employ, ensure that you use music to the fullest during exercise. It’s important to mix up your songs too, so that you can have some that play fast and others that play slowly.

A metronome is great too : – This affordable and simple-looking tool can help you create a structured playlist. A metronome is a tool that musicians cannot stay without. They use it to measure the right pace for their songs. Even though you are not an artist, you should consider buying a metronome to create a playlist of songs that slowly go up in pace and speed. This will be a good way to know when to intensify your moves and when to slow down a bit. If your exercise will get intense towards the end, you can begin playing the slow paced songs to ensure that you warm up effectively. On the other hard, your new playlist can begin with high paced songs and end with low paced songs. This kind of playlist can be best when you want to complete your exercises in a relaxing and slower manner.

Be safe when exercising with music : – If you decide to use earphones, keep in mind that you can develop a hearing problem if you use a cheap, low quality device. Get the highest quality pair of earphones and make sure it has ultra-modern features and a perfect design. Another way to be safe is to avoid using music devices in restricted local events such as big marathons. As music can fully engross your mind, you can easily encounter an accident when running or cycling out there. You may get hit by a speeding vehicle or get attacked by people or animals because of being fully unconscious of your environs. If you have to run while listening to music, make sure that you reduce the volume to be aware of what’s going on in your surroundings.

Where to find great workout music : – If you want to start using music during exercise, go straight to This is where awesome tunes that have been thoroughly and shrewdly picked can be found. All exercise music is affordable and it will be yours for good after buying.

Five Major Aspects of DNA Testing and Sampling

Latest advances made by the scientific experts have turned DNA technology popular and famous everywhere. Today, DNA testing is considered one of the most reliable methods to learn about the parental linkage. No doubt, DNA sampling and testing is involved in numerous fields but confirmation of heredity is one of the prime aspects.

Everyone wishes to learn about the real parents as well as family members. This becomes more important when a person seeks truths in legal issues. Are you looking for DNA test? This can be an interesting thing but it is recommended to visit where you can find reviews and information about testing kits, methods and techniques. Here are top five aspects of DNA tests for readers.

Is it best to determine biological relationships?

As a matter of fact, there is no updated as well as accurate technique available except DNA test. Comparing the DNA of a person with anyone can easily give the clues about relationships. There is no need to go further. Once you use DNA tests, it becomes useless to see other complicated methods and machines for the confirmation of relationships. Determine your biological relationships with father, mother or siblings with the help of a simple DNA test kit at home.

Difference between legal and home test:

Well, it is important to learn about the main differences between these two options. DNA test can be done using a supervised laboratory as well as without supervision at home. Both techniques are valuable but these are different in use. Legal testing is done by accredited labs in the city. Courts require results by accredited labs for legal processes. On the other hand, home tests are done using a simple DNA test kit. However, it is for personal use and it has no value in court hearings. Learn about main differences at

Choosing the best method:

A person looking for the best method to find DNA links should focus on the needs. Choosing a testing method depends on the purpose or use. For example, it has been mentioned above that laboratories are used whenever courts ask for DNA tests. On the other hand, test kits can be used at home for personal information. This is why one should focus on the purpose while deciding the best method or source.

Requirements of paternity test:

This can be done using a sample taken from the father and son. Basically, this test is performed to identify the true father of a person. There is no need to take DNA samples from mother. However, high accuracy can be determined if both samples are available. It is also necessary to take permission from the recognized parents whenever taking samples.

Types of samples:

DNA samples can be obtained from different parts of body. Blood, hair, semen, bone, saliva and tissues can also be used for this purpose. Buccal swabs are mostly used to take samples from inner check cells. Majority of reviews at recommend DNA extraction from saliva. This ensures accuracy and perfection in the sampling.

Important Circumstances and Reasons to Depend on an ID Maker

An ID maker is a person or company that prepares a fake identity in form of a driving license, national identity card or any other ID which the people use in routine life. In these days, the fake ID has become a commonly used document which the most youngsters, students and IT professionals need to get some benefits as well as pass the verification segments. At the moment, almost 87% people in the world use for getting a fake ID or document just to verify their accounts on different websites, platforms, and social media sites. This is a leading ID master that has been a wonderful record in making the fake identities for official and personal use.

Business of Fake ID Making:
At the moment, the millions of the people throughout the world are directly as well as indirectly involved in fake ID making business. This is a new profession that helps those who need the fake identity and documents quickly, but with excellent accuracy, A+ result and scannable qualities. In fact, the business of making fake identities and official documents has been growing faster throughout the world. Definitely, the trends of using fake ID in some specific as well as routine matters are rapidly increasing.

Different Options to Get Fake ID:
When you need the fake ID or other documents, then you should utilize different sources and options to approach the best ID master. For this, you can also rely on that is very responsible, professional, skilled and highly recommended ID maker in the world. Anyways, it would be risky and time-consuming to visit some ID makers manually and deal with him for novelty documents and fake identity. You should prefer the online search and deal that would be 100% satisfaction guaranteed, reliable, easier, trusted and economical. However, you must catch the best ID maker in the world to get a novelty ID or document that would be 100% similar to your original ID.

Reasons to Hire an ID Master:
This is completely clear that the people use fake ID and novelty documents like the driving license to verify some important or casual procedures. Usually, the students need fake ID for starting and completing their research projects. Similarly, a common person may require these documents for verification of local procedures. In general, the novelty licenses are the most popular and common fake identities that are being used excessively across the world. In the following, there are some major reasons to use the for getting fake ID.

Account Verification Motives:
It is the first situation when a person needs the fake ID to verify his/her account. The most people create multiple accounts on social media websites with fake identities. They always need the novelty papers and identities to verify these accounts.

Online Use of Fake ID:
In addition, if you are doing the online job, then you will have more needs of novelty identities and documents. There are many types of the procedures and circumstances when you need your personal ID quick. However, there is no way to get an identity fast except using the for getting required novelty ID.

The management of the waste using solutions

The companies that provide quality services to the clients always focus on the management. A junk removal company is always focusing on managing things. Some of the basic management is to have the required amount of strength and resource. Both these factors are of great importance because the end result purely depends upon the way projects are handled by the companies. One of the prime qualities of a junk removal company should be the management of the waste. A company cannot just throw away the debris and the junk.

Making landfill is no more a solution; there are some definite methods that are to be implemented in order to make the junk eco-friendly. It is not mandatory that the type of junk from the client is of same category. There are various categories in which the junk can be divided. As a prime player of junk hauling orange county, we offer multiple solutions to our clients. No matter what type of the junk is, we can still manage to make as friendly as we could. As a strategy we prefer to make the arrangements after having valuation of the junk that is to be removed. All of the junk may not be processed at the same time. We can lift the junk that can be managed to recycle because recycling can offer multiple advantages. Junk that can get recycling is arranged separately and directly send to the unit. Other categories of the junk that cannot be processed are simply moved to the landfill. As a company we know how important it is to preserve the nature, by recycling we can manage to make thing easier for the generations.

One of the prime questions that are to be asked from the junk removal company is that what are the approaches taken to deal with the junk? Well, we have a lot better plan for disposing the junk that is collected from the client. There are experts that keep an eye onto the type of the junk. A junk that can be processed is separated and the remaining junk is sent for the disposal. As experts in junk hauling orange county we always make it sure that the useable items are sorted out in order to have the best utilization. Moreover the items that are hazardous in nature are separated from the remaining junk because it can cause rest of the junk to become hazardous as well. All of the solutions that are devised by our experts are time and cost effective, the cost of getting rid of the junk is too low as compared to the stress of removing the junk. As a company we believe that there is always a way out. There is nothing that cannot be removed from the site, we can remove everything from the site and makes it cleaner place for the client. Last but not the least we can arrange excess resource if it is required by the client.

Top Mid-century Furniture Pieces you Can buy

A home should always look beautiful, classy and hospitable. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, make sure you buy valuable pieces of furniture once in a while. To be precise, you can purchase mid century furniture pieces and beautify your entire house with them. There are several options for you on Rove Concepts website and you can purchase one piece at a time. The shop provides enough pieces for your living room, bedroom, home office, dining room, lounge area and other living spaces. Their prices are fair and payment processing and product shipping are streamlined. If you want to try their products, here are things you can buy.

Lounge and arm chairs

These are known as the icons of the mid-century furniture design. They were a common sight in that era and now they have been revived. The collection you find on consists of some of the most classic lounge and arm chair designs. These products offer functionality, comfort, beauty and class all at once. The store’s items have been put through rigorous testing over the decades. Hence, it sells the most admirable and durable lounge and arm chairs.


The mid-century era sofas were mostly the sectional ones. The ones sold in RC store have traces of modern design. They are so elegant and pretty sofas. The Sophia classic sofas are some of those sold on the above-mentioned online store. They have sophisticated form of soft lines and maintain a low profile. The sofas look compact and so they are ideal for anybody with a small sitting room. These sofas offer custom configurations of the sectional plan and so they can be made to fit rooms of different sizes. They offer a low backrest that is well matched with high down-filled detachable cushions. Hence, these sofas have aesthetics and unending class. The store gives you a chance to select your own upholstery material and to pick the color of the base.

Bedroom furniture

A classy bedroom has more than just a bed. It has nightstands, bedside tables, dressers, and other statement products. Once filled with just the right pieces, a bedroom can be a place you seriously yearn for. Rove Concepts have wonderful bedroom furniture that depicts the mid-century design techniques. Hence, you can be able to mix and match different pieces of furniture and make your bedroom unique and beautiful. When it comes to dressers, we would suggest our high quality Joren Dresser collection. You will get unpretentious additions that will suit your bedroom or guest room. Items here are constructed with solid ash wood and it offers enough storage drawers. As a result, every dresser or another piece of furniture meant for bedroom looks gorgeous and well-designed. You can pick your drawers, dressers, bedside benches and beds in any color you want. There is a Fredrick Night Stand that is designed to extend a stylish Fredrick queen or king sized bed. It is designed with natural cuts of wood and has a lovely finish.

Storage units and dining and coffee table products

Some mid-century pieces sold on RC website are designed for storage purposes. They are artistic and practical and can suit an office environment as well. Constructed with a blend of solid ash wood and German MDF frame, Rove Concept’s Oliver Side storage is super versatile and ideal for storage. You can buy chest of drawers, bookshelves, display units and more. As for coffee and dining tables, you will love the shop’s Nordic collection. It consists of genuine marble, solid wood and tempered glass items. These tables offer practicality and aesthetics and they all have modern and classic design concepts.

Note that Rove Concept uses powder coating technology to clean and finish its products. It provides eco-friendly mid-century furniture pieces that all people appreciate.

The advantages of wooden dog crate

You will need to have crates at your home or when you are travelling. There is a reason why they are important addition to any home wherever there is a dog. They help the dog to feel secure and safe. They can be used when taking a car journey with the dog since it makes it less stressful. The dog in the crate has not to be supervised every time. It speeds up the house training. It makes the dog comfortable during the air traveling. When the dog is used to the crate, you will not have any problem with leaving it in the boarding or kennels. It is the right way to protect the possessions and the furniture. It can be used for the behavior management and it can be the time out tool when you have to discipline the dog. The behavior and bad habits may be prevented without starting. People do not like the idea of having the dog crates because it does not fit with other décor in the homes. However, this is the problem that was solved by the wooden dog crates. They are furniture style dog designed to be beautiful using finished wood whenever it is possible and they will look better in your home. You can also find the charming ones so you should take time to decide on what you like.

The best part about the designer furniture crate is that it is found in different types. You can afford being picky when you decide to go to a luxury model instead of the traditional wire crate. There are different choices but they all come with a difficult decision.

The advantage of having a wooden crate is that it can fit in the décor of your home. You can look at the style and the color of the entire furniture and buy the crate that fit better. You can find the range of different finished woods that are available and it means that you cannot miss what you want.

When you have a wooden crate, there will be no need to look for the wired crate which may fail to fit into the home and can ruin how the room looks. With the traditional wire crate, the dog will be left at a corner or any other place where it is not seen. This makes the pet to feel as it is not part of the entire family when they go into the crate during the evenings.

The wooden crate may be able to blend easily with the entire furniture and people will be flexible if it comes to place the crate into the living room. The crate will not be used by dogs only but it is also functional since its surface can hold things. You may add the photo frames at the top or you can blend them or it can be a feature on its own. You may also remove the furniture available in the room already so that they can accommodate the crate better.

The wooden dog crates are different from one another and they are the size of the vent or a window with a barred opening. Before you buy the crate, it is good if you understand where you would like to keep it in the room. The dog will have a small area where it can use to see which is different from the crate that had been made completely in the wire. You should put the crate in the area where its view will not be broken and the dog will have opportunity to feel as a part of the family members

However, the wooden crate had not been designed for travelling and sometime the frame can be dented or scratched.

Effective Directions and Tips to Locate the Tile Store Dallas

This is completely a modern world where the lifestyle is quickly changing. The people in developed and leveraged countries always pay much attention to the modern things that can enhance their lifestyle and reputation. In these days, the flooring trends are becoming more common. Usually, the tiles are the best things that help you to décor your homes and workstations completely. Undoubtedly, the tiles are the best and most valuable decoration items for the homes and workstations.

The most people use the tiles at walls, floors, roofs, washrooms, kitchens, working areas and offices. The tile flooring is the best idea to improve office environment and making the cleaning process easier and time efficient. The tile flooring in Dallas, Texas, USA is becoming greatly popular. There are many companies, stores, and individual tile sellers. You can find the top and leading tile store dallas for buying the latest and stylish tiles for flooring at record lower prices.

Interior Home Decoration : When you look at the concept of tile flooring, then you will find it the best way to adorn the homes internally. The people in developed countries mostly use the colorful, graphical and rare tiles for flooring. However, the tiles are also the bets for roofing, walls and other parts of a home or office. In some surveys, it has been evaluated that almost 83% people in Dallas, Texas always prefer the ceramic, wooden, stone and granite tiles for home as well as office flooring.

Choose Right Tile Store for the Best Flooring : In Dallas, there are many tile stores that are famous for their creative, unique and inspiring tile collection that can make your living and working areas more beautiful by flooring. In these days, the competition among top companies and sellers in Dallas is becoming tough. So, the customers may have some critical issues and challenges to find a right, economical and the best collection tile store. However, if you follow some directions, then you can reach the best stores that have only internationally famous, modern and top quality tiles for flooring. Here, you need to depend only on a right, experienced, famous and professional tile store dallas that will be able to meet your expectations and let you use customization function for getting your desired tiles for flooring.

Enlist the Recommended and Best Stores : If you have any problem to approach the trusted and best tile store in Dallas, USA, then you should go through important directions. First of all, you should enlist the top companies, retailers and tile stores that have their sale operations throughout Dallas. After this, you must consider only industry leading and recommended sellers. For this, you can enlist top ten or more online tile stores of Dallas. Here, you should have a focus on quality, style, structure, durability, color, design, look, convenient installation and lasting shine of the tiles before to select a leading tile store, Dallas. Once, you have done this, then you should step to the next stage where you have to conduct a detailed and informative comparison among the enlisted tile stores.

Preview Every Store & Collection Deeply : In this step, you must have a deep look and preview of all selected tile stores in Dallas. You should prefer the comparison among the best and most reliable tile stores on grounds of their collection, creative styles and unique designs of tiles. In fact, you will get the helpful and accurate ideas about the best tile store in Dallas just before the end of this comparison. However, you should also compare the prices of famous tiles which you are willing to use for office or home flooring.

Conclude the Best to Purchase Tiles : Once you have completed your comparison among the top tile sellers or companies in Dallas, then you will be able to pick the best one. Here, you must choose the quality, durability, perfection, friendly designs and excellent structures of the tiles which you are willing to purchase. Of course, the top tile store dallas will let you preview unlimited designs and colors of flooring tiles at the same platform.